As I have finally decided to offer my services as a Yogic practitioner, many will want to know where and how I learned, or from whom I learned… and many will be shocked to know that I have never had a teacher for these practices or read a single book, but instead turned to intuition… It was only later that I came upon information in books on the Yogis of India and Tibet that I found that I had tapped into something real. And while I had never received instruction on those practices, I was very grateful for a mentor that had pointed me in the right direction. Asking him if he’d take me as a student he replied, “A Guru is one that points!”

He had received instruction from various teachers, but in particular he has mentioned his experiences with being taught by a student of both G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky in the Fourth Way tradition. He is also a teacher of the principles of Jiddu Krishnamurti, and the Ifa/Yoruba tradition (similar to Santeria), amongst many other areas of specialty.

But I had thought about what he had said for a while and decided to make an attempt to “go it my own way.” Having had been reckless in the past is what had brought me to ask for instruction… and later hearing stories of Swami Vivekananda coming to the West to teach and seeing his students end up damaging their lungs or worse, ending up in an Asylum; well, that made me think twice, but ultimately without risk there would be no reward. Perhaps it was impatience, but I did as I felt was necessary with determination and perseverance, I tried to learn on my own. There were some scary moments, but now I have a real practice that I can share from a Western perspective to Western minds.

The stories of breath techniques, and crossing the threshold were very real to me, as that was the life I was living and later reading about it only made it more real. At the time I was caught up in ego for having done these things largely on my own, but now I am sharing this story so others can see the power of Dzogchen, Yogic practices, as well as various forms of internal alchemy.

My journey began as an angry Catholic turned to an angry Atheist. I suffered from severe depression, anxiety, stress, obesity, and a generally unpleasant life. I needed a way to live life without labels and find out who I really was and needed to become.

Having been under just about every anti-depressant under the sun with no help, I decided I would try meditation. I had not a single clue what I was doing, but just decided to try, because I was desperate.

The longer I sat quietly, the more relaxed I felt, and I just let my mind ramble on as one’s mind often does with worries, and replays of the days, or general thoughts of the past and present. Eventually, my meditations became longer, deeper, and my mind began to settle… I felt better about myself, and my stress began to melt away.

I discovered I had inherent knowledge of my primordial self as the Tibetan Practice of Dzogchen teaches. That there was someone else buried under all the pain and misery I had felt.

“There are some whose predispositions from previous lifetimes have awakened, and whose faculties are very sharp. When they meet a master with authentic experience, it is possible for them to give him instructions-it might only be a few words-which they meditate one-pointedley, and realization and liberation occur simultaneously.” – Dzogchen, The Dalai Lama, Pg.125-126.

Then I stumbled upon the word “Kundalini;” not having any idea about really what it was, I looked at a few short videos and thought I would give it a try. I’m not sure why I did the things I did, or how I knew to do them… but I focused my attention where I felt I should, and moved my concentration in ways that seemed to change the flow of some sort of internal energy (what the Yogis call “Prana”).

Then I began to change my breath in a manner that expanded these feelings of energy, and they soon became expansion, and one day my spine began to burn like a blowtorch, and it was even painful for many months; the overall feeling of new found peace outweighed the pain and I drove even harder. As the Pranic force climbed further up my spine, the force continued to build and then one day I heard the sound of a bell… I was overwhelmed with a great force of bliss, sorrow, tears of joy; it felt like I was experiencing every emotion simultaneously. It felt as if a hand had emerged from the ether and opened the center of my head just above my eyes. It was the most profound experience I had ever had, and that is when I knew that Humanity was truly living a life of bondage, and that I must find a way out… and if possible help others to do the same.

Please contact me for information on my services if interested. Thank you and peace.


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